Five ways to fix sweet potatoes

Five ways to fix sweet potatoes

Typically, the sweet potato is associated with Thanksgiving, even though it’s sold year round at grocery stores. Not only are they tasty, they’re incredibly healthy and one of the best foods to add to your diet. They are believed to help fight against heart disease.

Here are a few ways to prepare such a delicious and healthy spud.

Baked: Just like a regular Idaho potato, you can bake a sweet potato in the oven. Little to no prep is required. There are a few methods you could use to bake them, depending on the size of the potato. The healthiest method is to simply scrub the potato clean and place it directly on the middle oven rack. The skin will get a delightfully crispy as it cooks.

For a nice treat, you can sprinkle cinnamon and sugar over the potato, and then wrap it in tin foil to keep it soft.

Au Gratin: “Au Gratin” literally means “with the burnt scrapings from the pan”. However, in practice, it means to top a food with breadcrumbs and cheese. Sweet potato Au Gratin is delicious and semi healthy. To make the prep work easier on yourself, just don’t peel them.

French Fried: Slice the sweet potato into fries and bake them. This will give them a delightfully crispy texture. If you want a little fat in your diet, you can fry them in oil.

Hash Browns: Yes, you can have sweet potato hash browns! They are a hearty complement to eggs and the sweet potatoes will add a nice looking pop of color to your plate.


Grilled: During the summer, place a couple of sweet potatoes on the grill. Grilling gives it a nice, smokey taste.