Three healthy packed lunches to take to work

Three healthy packed lunches to take to work

Three beans pasta salad

Boil pasta in a pot of water for three minutes, sprinkle in some salt. Add some green beans into the pot and again boil it for few minutes. Pour the pasta and beans into a strainer and wash it with cold water. In a medium sized bowl ad ¼ cup of oil, mustard sauce, a small amount of vinegar and honey. Also add pinto beans, scallions, and celery and the pasta-bean mixture into the bowl and mix it well. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and refrigerate. Pack some in a small container to take with you for lunch.

Cheese and Ham Croissant

Ham and cheese croissant is considered very healthy if you don’t smother it with butter and mayo. Cut the croissant in half length-wise. On one side of the croissant layer watercress, cheese, ham, and pear slices and top with the other side of the croissant. Store in the refrigerator until you are ready to pack your lunch the next day. A small amount of your favorite dressing or mustard can be added for extra flavor.

Avocado and smashed white bean sandwich

Add lemon juice, white beans, and a small amount of olive oil in a bowl. Crush the beans until you get little chunks and mix well into the lemon juice and olive oil. Add pepper and salt according to taste. Take two bread slices and coat each slice with the mixture. Place slices of onion, avocado, and cucumber on the coated bread slices. Cover each slice of bread with another slice. Now you have made two sandwiches – one can be refrigerated for tomorrow and one can be taken to work for today’s lunch.