Peppers stuffed with meat Recipe

Peppers stuffed with meat Recipe

This is a really simple and cheap recipe, and you can make a lot of it, for a small amount of money.

Ingredients for 6 peppers :
250 grams of minced meat, you can use beef or pork, or even the mix of these two
around 50 grams of rice
1 liter of tomato sauce
and one or two potatoes ( it depends of how big your peppers are ), or if you wish you can use tomato instead
1 onion
First thing you will do is chop the onion, and then put some oil and fry it for four to five minutes. After that, add minced meat, and mix it, until you see that your meat is done.

It should look brown, not red, that's how you will know that is done. After you did this, use the rice ( do not boil it ) and mix it with the onion and meat.

Take your peppers and stuff them with that mixture. Don't stuff your peppers to the top, it should be close to it, but not fully stuffed.
After you have put it, chop either potato or tomato into thin slices, and cover the hole ( top ) of your pepper. This is a good thing because it will have a better taste, and you will be 100 percent sure that your mixture is not outside of the pepper.

Put them in the pot, and then add your tomato sauce. Turn on your burner and wait for it to boil, and then reduce the heat.
Boil it until the rice is boiled, and your peppers are soft. You can serve this dish, along with mashed potatoes ( our suggestion ).