Chicken Enchiladas Made Simple

Chicken Enchiladas Made Simple

How about a treat of Mexican chicken enchiladas to enjoy with friends and family? Or maybe just to enjoy by yourself and pamper yourself for a change?  Either way, the treat is heavenly and the time and effort is minimal. This is a no-hassle and simple recipe.

What you will need for an approximate 6-8 servings:

3-4 chicken breasts

Enchilada sauce (10-12 ounces). This can be either homemade or canned.

 4 cups Monterey Jack pepper cheese.

15 white-corn tortillas or 15 flour tortillas.  The choice is yours.

Black beans (optional)


Boil the chicken in water that has been salted. Add whatever are your favorite spices. When the chicken is cooked thoroughly, grate or shred the breasts. 

Setting up the enchiladas is the easiest part.  On each tortilla, spread a generous amount of the enchilada sauce. Add a generous portion of the shredded chicken and a generous amount of shredded cheese. Add some black beans (optional). Roll the tortillas up and place them side by side into a 9”x14” backing pan. Once all the rolls are in place, add more sauce on top and the remaining cheese.  Bake them in the oven at 350 degrees for 20 min. or until the cheese on top has turned golden brown.

 Enjoy culinary heaven.