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The mundane task of repeating the process of preparing food is facilitated by a kitchen appliance called food processor. Food processors have interchangeable blades and have bowls which are shorter in size and also wider. It operates with very less or no liquid and saves a lot of time and energy.…

Kitchen gadgets that can help you to lose weight

Sometimes when you want to lose the weight, no one is there to support you and we all know how important it is to have someone by our side. If you are in that position, do not despair, because even though you have no “human” support, there are some kitchen gadgets that can be awesome…

A general summary of microwave ovens

The modern day kitchen cannot be complete without the presence of a microwave oven. These ovens are generally referred to as microwave. A microwave oven serves the dual purpose of both heating and cooking food. The heating or cooking of food is done via exposure towards the electromagnetic radiation…

Toasters: A brief overview

A toaster is a frequently used kitchen appliance in almost all the households all over the world. It is not a large one in size but comes in very handy when used to toast breads quickly and efficiently. They have the feature of toasting bread products that are of different types. The invention of…

An interesting storage unit

If you have a modern kitchen, you probably need modern gadgets and appliances. A good thing about them is that they are green. Latest appliances use less power and they are made from recycled materials. But, there are some solutions that are very simple and very cheap. In fact, you can make them by…

Jaccard Simply Better Pro 45 Blade Meat Tenderizer

Isn’t it always better when the meat we have is juicy? Many meats no matter how superior, they will always taste better when they are pounded a bit and the muscle fibers are broken down that makes them more tender and easy to digest. To make this possible, Jaccard has launched a Meat…

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  • The Great Steak With Compound Butter

    The steak dishes are always all-time favorite. The total time taken to cook this dish is thirty minutes. There are not many ingredients, four boneless beef strips of approximately one and a half-inch thick, special kosher salt to taste, black pepper to taste and of course two table-spoon of compound…

  • Easy Lemon Basmati Rice Recipe

    Easy Lemon Basmati Rice Recipe

    Rice dishes are a great way to add a twist to your meals. These are light, tasty and a good alternate for any side dish that you can enjoy with gravies. Here’s a super easy lemon basmati rice recipe that you can try. Ingredients: Lemon: 1 Basmati Rice: 1 cup Olive oil: 1tsps. Ginger: minced…

  • Vegan Spring Pea Soup Recipe

    Vegan Spring Pea Soup Recipe

    Pea soup is a light and creamy option for those who are sick of tomato soup. There is an underlying sweet and savory tone in it. The key is not to overwhelm the soup, as it is already very refined. Vegan Pea Soup Recipe Ingredients •Fresh shelled peas (can use frozen also) •2 tablespoons…

  • Spirulina Balls with Coconut, Dates & Lemon

    Spirulina Balls with Coconut, Dates & Lemon

    Here’s a sweet twist to eating healthy Spirulina. The following recipe is totally vegan and has the goodness off coconut, hemp seeds, dates, pecan pies and a lot more. Ingredients •1 cup pecan nuts •½ cup chopped dates •½ cup coconut powder or flakes •2 Tbsp.…



    A delightful and easy salad recipe which anyone can eat as a main or side dish. It's healthy and nutritious which includes protein and fiber from the almonds! Moreover it can be easily prepared within 10 Minutes. INGREDIENTS •1/2 cup raw almonds •2 tablespoons white balsamic vinegar…

  • Grain Free Paleo Crepes Recipe

    Grain Free Paleo Crepes Recipe

    If you are looking for a quick breakfast recipe that is healthy and delicious, then grain free paleo crepes are a perfect fit for you. Crepes are usually loved with nutella, chocolate sauce and crème cheese. But you’re going to love this recipe which is low in carbs. Ingredients…

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  • Seaweed is making an impact on western consumers

    If we talk about Japan, South Korea, China, and other Asian countries, we usually think about all sorts of things that are not a Western custom. Eating seaweed is definitively one of them. These countries have been using it as a food for ages and continue to do so. Long forgotten in the Western…

  • Smothered Fried Pork Chops

    Smothered Fried Pork Chops

    Chef Paula Deen shares the recipe.

  • Lemon Mascarpone Risotto

    Lemon Mascarpone Risotto

    Chef Molly McCook shares the recipe.

  • How to make meringues

    How to make meringues

    Meringues are one of the easiest cookies to make because they have so few ingredients. They can be served alone as a cookie or with any berry alongside a dollop of whipped cream. The can be cut open and have any pie filling put inside - lemon pie filling is especially delicious. Ingredients: 2 large…

  • Dr. Kahn's easy breakfast overnight oats

    Dr. Kahn's easy breakfast overnight oats

    March is National Nutrition Month, which highlights the importance of making informed food choices and developing good eating and physical activity habits.

  • Three rice dishes that are cooked in the oven

    Three rice dishes that are cooked in the oven

    Rice is so versatile and can be made in so many ways that the options for cooking it seem endless. Now, there are some ways of cooking it that are healthier than others. Preparing it in the oven is a great way to preserve fluffiness and flavor. That being said, let’s go over three rice dishes…